International Students, Welcome to KEDGE Business School – Marseille


You are an important part of the KEDGE BS community, and we are proud of the diversity that you help us to create. We know that many new students have a number of concerns before their arrival to Marseille. So, the International Student Office is the first stop for the KEDGE BS international community and will help eliminate administrative challenges when studying in France.


1- Administrative formalities to be completed before your arrival

How do I finalize my Registration ?

If you are an exchange, double degree or IFC student, please follow the instructions that have been sent to you by the International Student Office in order to complete your administrative registration on Campus Virtuel

Degree-seeking Students : You may have received an email about your personal academic file. It contains special conditions, the price list and the official terms and conditions of Kedge BS. You will also find a login and a password which will allow you to access to your « personal integration page » on our virtual campus « Campus Virtuel ».

1- Log in to your Integration account

  • Check and complete your personal details
  • Enter your financial information (Payment method for tuition fees). You will need to click on the folder number in order to reach this section
  • Download all the supported documents required (Diplomas, passport)
  • Proceed to the payment of 50% of the first year tuition fees, on-line or using a bank transfer including your full name and school program. Kedge BS Bank details’ can be asked on the following email address :

2- Return the application form / agreement

You can return to us by email the French version of special conditions, the price list and terms and conditions.
The original documents will have to be necessarily returned by post or personally hand delivered to our office at your arrival in France.
Please check carefully before sending:

  • Special Conditions:Tick the corresponding box (full time programme or part-time programme). Indicate the city, the date and your signature with the « read and approved » as well as the « agreed and signed » mentions.
  • Price list : Initial the page
  • Terms and conditions : Initial each of the 7 pages of the document. Date and sign the final page with the « read and approved » mention

The registration Office will contact you by phone or by email if your application form is incomplete.

3-Log in to Campus Virtuel and complete your Student Health Insurance details

If your application form is complete:
The registration Office will send you an email which will enable you to log in to Campus Virtuel.
Campus Virtuel will provide you with a private account. It will be useful all through your course of studies (access to planning, student grades and academic transcripts, School information…)
Once you are logged in to Campus Virtuel, fill in the required fields as well as the Student Health Insurance section. It is mandatory to complete this last section since it enables to confirm your enrolment (you will find details on the Student Health Insurance further down on this page). Find all the information about French Social Security just here.
The registration Office will contact you by phone or by email if your application form is incomplete.

How can I get documents required for my Visa application ?

Note : this paragraph concerns only the Non-European Students. If you are an exchange, double degree or IFC Student, your acceptance letter and stating school supports international students in their housing searches have been sent to you by the International Student Office. As soon as you get your French Visa, please log back on Campus Virtuel and upload a copy of your French Student visa Under the following section : My NetFile > My downloads > My uploads.

If you are a non-European citizen and are required by the French authorities to hold a student visa during your stay in France, KEDGE will only validate your administrative registration and issue your student ID Card after receiving a copy of your French visa. To get your French visa you may need a Letter of Acceptance.
You can send your request to obtain this document to :

Moreover, you may need a Housing Certificate. If you have booked your housing, then you can send your request with the proof of your housing confirmation to obtain this document to :

You will receive a response with the required document only if you previously submitted the special conditions, the price list, terms and conditions and your payment of 50% of tuition fee.

As soon as you get your French visa, please log back on Campus Virtuel and upload a copy of your French student visa under the following section: My NetFile > My downloads > My uploads.

How do I find an accommodation ?

You will receive by email an online application form sent by our housing advisor where you will be informed about the various accommodation options you can get and you will be able to express your preferences.
Even if Kedge BS has a little number of housing availabilities for its international students, note that filling in this application DOES NOT GUARANTEE you either an offer of an apartment/room.
Therefore, we recommend you to be as flexible and reactive as possible

2- Support upon arrival

Airport/Train station Pick-up Service

Students from the International Students Association “InterAct” offer a free pick-up welcome from the “Saint Charles” Train Station to the new international students arriving on January 8th. This pick-up is not automatic and is only provided upon request. International students will receive a message from InterAct and will have to request this service pronviding a detailed information about their arrival (day/time). Please check carefully your email box.

Checking into your housing

Make sure to set an appointment before your departure with your future landowner or residence. Prepare all the requested documents to get your keys i.e housing insurance, deposit or a proof of its payment, acceptance letter, any other documents mentioned by your future lessor. Please find all the useful information on our International Student Handbook
In case you miss the check-in appointment time (due to a delay in your flight), please inform your residence and the housing advisor as soon as possible. In case you arrive late and the residence is closed, always have with you the phone number of a hotel.

  • Youth Hostel « Bonneveine » : Avenue Joseph Vidal – Impasse du Dr Bonfils – 13008 Marseille (Bus #44 or #45) Contact : – Phone: +33(0)491 176 330 – A membership card is required (approx.11€). Maximum authorised stay: 6 days – 3 days in July & August. Reservation via Auberge de Jeunesse Marseille
  • Hôtel “ Etap Hotel ” Marseille, Boulevard Rabatau – 13008 Marseille. (subway “Rond-Point-du-Prado” station / Bus #21) – open 24/7 – Etaphotel Website Phone : +33(0)892 683 186

How to reach KEDGE BS

Please find explanations on how to reach the Campus by downloading the International Student Handbook

3- Orientation Programme

The Orientation Programme is compulsory and free of charge for all Incoming Students. Absences must be communicated to the International Student in advance as well as be duly justified. The Compulsory Orientation Programme will take place from January 8th to January 12h.
During the Orientation, you will:

  • Meet other new international students (welcome meeting, breakfast, lunch…)
  • Receive information about your academic programme, KEDGE BS and Marseille
  • Participate in practical workshops (visa/residence permit, housing, KEDGE BS associations, school visit…)
  • Learn about and sign up for welcome events…and more!

The detailed Orientation Session Programme for all the students arriving in Spring 2018 is available here.

4- Your Contacts

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