Payment terms

How to pay my tuition fees

You have to pay a deposit of 3000 € to the School on registration and to pay the balance :

  • in 6 instalments by transfert of money or automatic debit From September 5 2020 to February, 5, 2021 the monthly amount to be paid will be sent to you. 
  • or in 2 instalments by automatic debit : Academic year 1 (with the desposit deducted from the tuition fees), debited on 5 October and 5 December. 

Deposit refund policy :

If our team approves your registration file before the 15th of July 2020, you will have to withdraw by the 31th of July at midnight maximum in order to obtain your deposit refund. A written proof will be needed.  If your registration file has been approved after this date, you will have a 15-day period to withdraw at no cost, from the day of the deposit’s cashing.    In case you decide to withdraw outside of these required deadlines and for any other reasons than a lack of academic prerequisites and/or visa, your query for your deposit refund (along with supporting documents) will be reviewed by a Commission.


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