My registration procedure

Congratulations! You have been admitted to KEDGE Business School! We are happy to welcome you as one of our new students.

We now ask you to proceed with your registration as soon as possible so that you can have all the resources for the start of your academic year.

The sooner you complete your registration, the sooner you will receive your student card and registration certificate and have access to your KedgeBS email and course schedule. 

To enrol, please follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Log in to you "espace integration"

You received an email with your login access to your espace integration and your registration file including: Special conditions, Prices List, Terms of payment and general conditions.

Log in to your Espace integration using your login and password, and:

  • Check and complete your personal data
  • Upload the requested supporting documents (ex: passport, last diploma...)
  • Pay your deposit online. You can also pay your deposit by bank transfer indicating your full name and programme. The bank details are provided in your registration file. 

Step 2: Upload your registration documents on your Personal Account

Firstly, print the French version of the documents listed below in order to complete and sign them by handwritten as explained:

  • French Special conditions: Don’t forget to tick the box, and to enter the town. Then, put the date, write in French “lu et approuvé bon pour accord” and then sign the document (the signature must be the same as the one on your passport)
  • French Prices List: remember to initial the page
  • French Terms of Payment: Don’t forget to tick the relevant box(es) (to pay in 2 instalment you must have a French or Euro Bank account) and to initial the page
  • French General Conditions: Initial each 7 pages of the document. Date, sign and write in French “lu et approuvé” on the last page document (the signature must be the same as the one  on your passport)

Once the integration team validates your file by email, you must provide a hard copy of the French version of Special ConditionsPrices listTerms of payment and General Conditions either by sending them with DHL (or any other postdelivery company) to the postal address below or giving them directly hand to hand upon your arrival to the Integration team.

KEDGE Business School

QG Intégration

Campus de Toulon
Maison de la créativité
1 parvis des écoles
CS 30599
83041 Toulon Cedex 9

For students who need a letter to apply for a visa, this document will be automatically sent to you by email once the integration team validates your registration file.

Anyway, do not worry; the Integration team will contact you if something wrong with your file.

Step 3: Log in to your Virtual Campus and pay the Contribution to student and campus life (CVEC)

Once your registration file is complete, you will receive an email with your login access which will enable you to log into KEDGE intranet: Campus Virtuel and create a private account.

Campus Virtuel will be useful throughout your studies (access to your planning, your grades and transcript of records, School information…)

Once on your Campus Virtuel account, you must upload the attestation “contribution to student and campus life” (CVEC). For more information go to chapter “accommodation and administrative formalities”


Without this document, you will not be able to receive your enrolment certificate and student card.

Special Note

The school is closing for 2 weeks from 2020, July 31 to August 17 included. The holiday periods are a common time for fraud attempts, especially for higher education institutions that manage the enrollment and re-enrollment of the students in summer.

We ask and recommend you to be extra vigilant when you receive:

  • a request for a change of the school Bank Account Details during the summer;
  • any requests by email about the payment of the school fees that seem unusual to you;

KEDGE Business School has also rolled out a plan to secure its accounting, financial and IT departments.

Should you have any questions or doubt, please contact our Registration Department:

Registration department
  • Bordeaux / Paris Campus: 0800 06 33 33
  • Marseille Campus: 0800 13 00 13
  • Toulon Campus: 0800 08 31 83

Deposit refund policy:    -If the deposit has been paid to an entrance examination system, please refer to the terms of the entrance examination system.  -In case the deposit has been paid to Kedge BS : if our team approves your registration file before the 15th of July, you will have to withdraw by the 31th of July at midnight maximum in order to obtain your deposit refund. A written proof will be needed.  If your registration file has been approved after this date, you will have a 15-day period to withdraw at no cost, from the day of the deposit’s cashing.    In case you decide to withdraw outside of these required deadlines and for any other reasons than a lack of academic prerequisites and/or visa, your query for your deposit refund (along with supporting documents) will be reviewed by a Commission. 

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